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101 Simple Ways to Boost Employee Morale in the Workplace

We've all been there: you sense the energy is low, productivity is waning, and even your best employees seem to be on autopilot. While many factors contribute to a successful business, one element is indispensable—employee morale. Whether you're a business owner, team leader, or HR manager, your job involves more than just driving the bottom line. You're also the mood-setter, the culture creator, and—let's be real—the vibe checker.

Ready to kick-start a happier, more productive workspace?

Let's dive in.

Proven ways to boost employee morale:

1. Personalized Welcome Kits

Remember your first day on the job? A personalized welcome kit can make newbies feel like part of the team instantly. Think branded swag, essential tools, and maybe even a handwritten note.

2. Monday Morning Coffee Runs

Imagine starting your week with a hot cup of coffee, courtesy of the company. Small but effective, coffee runs can brighten the entire team's Monday mornings.

3. Publicly Celebrate Wins

Just sealed a big deal or crushed a project? Share that victory with everyone. Public recognition not only boosts the morale of the achiever but also inspires others.

4. Surprise Snack Attack

Who doesn’t love surprise snacks? Stock up the break room with assorted goodies. It’s a fun way to turn an ordinary workday into something special.

5. Virtual Happy Hours

Remote team? No worries. Host a virtual happy hour to give your team a chance to unwind and connect on a more personal level.

6. Monthly Skill-Sharing Workshops

Got a resident Excel guru? A social media whiz? Skill-sharing workshops not only cross-train your team but also build a culture of continuous learning.

7. Create a Brag Board

Allow employees to post shoutouts or recognize their peers on a 'brag board' displayed in a common area. It's a public pat on the back and fuels a positive work environment.

8. Fitness Challenges

Encourage a healthy lifestyle while adding a fun, competitive twist. Whether it's a steps challenge or daily planks, physical activity can kick those endorphins into high gear.

9. Casual Fridays

Ever notice how the mood lightens when folks are sporting jeans and their favorite band tee? Casual Fridays can be a simple yet effective morale booster.

10. Mentorship Programs

Pairing junior staff with seasoned pros can help the newbies learn the ropes and make the vets feel valued. Everyone wins, and you'll likely see an uptick in job satisfaction.

While exploring these simple ways to boost morale, don't forget to check out our creative strategies for showing employee appreciation, which can further enhance your team's spirit.

Gifts to boost employee morale

Boosting employee morale can be simple, and sometimes it requires creative ways to show appreciation.

gifts to boost employee morale

11. Customized Desk Accessories

Who wouldn't appreciate a desk upgrade? Personalized mousepads or nameplates can make an employee's workspace feel more like their own.

12. Birthday Gift Cards

Nothing says "We appreciate you" like a little birthday love. A small gift card to their favorite restaurant or retailer can go a long way.

13. Office Plants

Brighten up those workspaces with some greenery. Plants not only purify the air but also boost mood. And hey, it's the gift that keeps on growing!

14. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

For those days when focus is essential, noise-cancelling headphones can be a lifesaver. They're a practical gift that shows you respect their space and concentration.

15. Inspirational Books

How about a little food for thought? Gift an inspiring read that can offer a much-needed mental break and even some career development.

16. Monthly Subscription Boxes

Snacks, self-care items, or even books—choose a subscription box that fits your team’s vibe. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, literally.

17. Tech Gadgets

Portable chargers, ergonomic keyboards, or a nifty smartphone stand—tech gadgets are not only cool but also super useful.

18. Personal Care Packages

Create small care packages filled with items like hand sanitizers, face masks, and maybe even a stress ball. It's like a mini wellness kit for the desk.

19. Coffee or Tea Sets

Know a caffeine aficionado on your team? A fancy coffee or tea set can help make those early mornings a bit more bearable.

20. High-Quality Water Bottles

Promote hydration and sustainability by gifting a durable, high-quality water bottle. Your team will appreciate it, and so will Mother Earth.

21. Seasonal Gift Baskets

Tailor these to the time of year. A summer basket could include sunscreen and a beach towel, while a winter one might feature cozy socks and hot cocoa mix.

22. Personalized Stationery

Custom stationery adds a touch of class and can make the daily grind a bit more enjoyable. Plus, it's Instagram-worthy, just sayin'.

23. Comfortable Desk Chairs

Why not go big? A quality desk chair is a game-changer when you're putting in those long hours.

24. Fitness Gear

Resistance bands, dumbbells, or yoga mats can inspire employees to take quick exercise breaks. Physical health is crucial, folks!

25. Premium Snack Packages

Elevate the snack game with some gourmet choices. Think artisanal cheeses, exotic fruits, or high-end chocolates.

26. Leisure Passes

Movie tickets, local attractions, or even a weekend getaway—sometimes, a break from work is the best gift you can give.

27. High-Performance Mouse or Keyboard

Invest in some quality tech tools that make day-to-day tasks smoother and more efficient.

28. Company Merchandise

Brand some cool apparel or accessories like hoodies or backpacks. It’s an effective way to make employees feel like they’re part of something bigger.

29. Premium Notebooks

For jotting down ideas or planning out their day, a high-quality notebook can make a big difference.

30. Food Delivery Vouchers

Free food is always a winner. Food delivery vouchers give employees the freedom to choose a meal they'll actually enjoy.

As you look for ways to boost morale, consider how to re-engage team members who might be actively disengaged.

Boost employee morale remotely:

remote employee morale boost

31. Virtual Coffee Breaks

A virtual meet-up with no agenda other than to enjoy a cuppa and chat can break the monotony of remote work. It's your classic water cooler moment, just online.

32. Remote Team Building Games

Ever played virtual trivia or online Pictionary? These games can add a dash of fun and foster team spirit among remote employees.

33. Weekly Check-ins

Set up a dedicated time each week for one-on-one video calls. It's an excellent opportunity to catch up and discuss any concerns or ideas.

34. eCards for Achievements

Digital congratulations are just as heartfelt. An eCard for birthdays, work anniversaries, or big wins can make someone's day.

35. Digital Training Programs

Give your team access to online courses that help them upskill. It’s a win-win; they learn something new, and the business gains more expertise.

36. ‘Work From Home’ Stipends

Provide a small budget for employees to upgrade their home office with essentials like a comfy chair or better lighting. Trust me, their back will thank you.

37. Virtual Team Lunches

Order food delivery for everyone and then share a virtual meal. It’s like a potluck, but without all the dishwashing.

38. Flexible Hours

One of the perks of remote work is flexibility. Allow employees to set their own hours when possible. After all, we’re not all morning people, right?

39. Remote Book Club

Choose a book related to your industry (or not), and meet once a month to discuss it. Who said remote work can't also be intellectually stimulating?

40. ‘Pet of the Month’ Showcase

Employees can show off their fur babies during a designated meeting. It's a heartwarming way to build connections and uplift spirits.

41. Asynchronous Brainstorming

Use digital collaboration tools to brainstorm ideas over time. That way, everyone can chime in when inspiration strikes.

42. Virtual Fitness Classes

Organize a weekly remote fitness session led by a qualified instructor. Because a bit of stretching can go a long way, especially when working from home.

43. Send Handwritten Letters

In a world swamped by digital communication, a handwritten letter stands out. A personal message can create a genuine emotional connection.

44. Virtual Award Ceremonies

Host a virtual award show to celebrate exceptional performances. Roll out the virtual red carpet and let the accolades flow!

45. Co-Working Sessions

Set up video calls where the sole purpose is to work alongside each other. It’s a small touch, but it recreates the feeling of being in a shared workspace.

Employee morale booster games:

46. Office Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of items for employees to find around the office. The first one to find them all wins a prize. It's a great way to get people moving and engaged.

47. Bingo Fridays

Turn Friday into game day with some classic bingo. Spice it up by including work-specific terms or inside jokes on the cards.

48. Two Truths and a Lie

A fantastic ice-breaker, this game allows employees to share a bit about themselves while having a laugh figuring out which statement is the fib.

49. Trivia Contest

Choose a category—be it company history, general knowledge, or pop culture—and let the trivia games begin. Consider offering small prizes for winners to amp up the competition.

50. Charades

Nothing breaks the ice like a good old game of charades. Divide the team into groups and have a blast guessing the words or phrases being acted out.

51. Pictionary Relay

Who can draw the best under pressure? Find out with a relay version of Pictionary. The quicker the guesses, the faster the team can move on to the next word.

52. Egg Drop Challenge

Provide teams with a set of random materials and task them with creating a structure that will protect an egg when dropped from a specific height. It's fun and promotes problem-solving.

53. Jenga with a Twist

Add work-related questions or dares on each Jenga block. When someone pulls out a block, they must complete the task written on it.

54. Minute-to-Win-It Challenges

Simple yet addictive. Challenges could range from stacking cups to balancing books. The key is that each task must be completed in under a minute.

55. Board Game Hour

Bring in some favorite board games and dedicate an hour to pure, unadulterated fun. It's a stress buster and a trip down memory lane.

56. Puzzle Solving

Give each team a complex puzzle to solve within a given time frame. The team that finishes first, or gets the furthest, takes home a prize.

57. Role Reversal Game

Employees switch roles for a set period, performing tasks usually done by their colleagues. It’s a fun way to appreciate the challenges and skills of different roles.

58. Obstacle Course

Set up a mini-obstacle course in the office. Employees can race against the clock, and it's a surefire way to inject some energy into the room.

59. Simon Says: Office Edition

Turn this children’s game into a workplace exercise. Use work-related actions, like "Simon says, type an email," for a quirky twist.

60. The Compliment Game

Each person writes down a compliment for a colleague, and the notes are shuffled and read aloud. It's a simple way to spread positivity.

Employee Morale Killers:

61. Lack of Communication

A communication breakdown can lead to uncertainty and stress. Without clear guidance or updates, employees can feel disconnected and undervalued.

62. Micromanagement

Nobody likes being constantly watched or second-guessed. Micromanagement kills creativity and leaves employees feeling untrusted.

63. No Work-Life Balance

Employees burning the midnight oil? Overwork leads to burnout, plummeting job satisfaction, and—you guessed it—low morale.

64. Inadequate Compensation

Let's cut to the chase: if employees feel underpaid, they'll also feel undervalued. It's a surefire way to sour the mood.

65. Unclear Career Path

If employees can't see a future at the company, why should they invest emotionally? A nebulous career path can lead to a disengaged workforce.

66. Office Politics

Cliques, favoritism, or backstabbing—office politics can turn a harmonious workspace into a battlefield, wreaking havoc on morale.

67. Inequality in Workload

When a few people shoulder the brunt of the work, resentment builds. Balance the workload to keep everyone's spirits up.

68. Poorly Managed Changes

Whether it's a merger or a simple process change, poor communication and inadequate preparation can send morale tumbling.

69. Ignored Contributions

If employees feel their hard work goes unnoticed, they'll likely lose the motivation to go above and beyond. Recognition is key, people!

70. Toxic Team Members

One bad apple can spoil the bunch. Toxic attitudes or behaviors can quickly spread, dampening the entire team's morale.

71. Overly Complex Processes

Bureaucratic red tape isn’t just annoying—it’s a morale killer. Simplify processes whenever possible.

72. Lack of Autonomy

If employees feel like mere cogs in a machine, they'll quickly lose enthusiasm. Empower them to make decisions and watch morale soar.

73. Outdated Tools

Still using software from the Dark Ages? Outdated tools can make work more difficult and frustrating, leading to a decline in morale.

74. Uncomfortable Work Environment

Poor lighting, cramped spaces, or a noisy office can affect employee well-being and morale. Physical comfort matters.

75. Lack of Professional Development

A stagnant environment with no opportunities for skill enhancement can make employees feel stuck and unappreciated.

Boosting employee morale after layoffs:

76. Transparent Communication

In the aftermath of layoffs, honesty is the best policy. Keep remaining staff informed about the company's situation and future plans. Clarity can mitigate anxiety.

77. One-on-One Meetings

Schedule personal conversations with remaining team members to discuss their concerns and clarify their roles moving forward. Personal attention can be reassuring.

78. Offer Emotional Support

Layoffs affect everyone, emotionally and mentally. Providing access to emotional support or counseling services can be invaluable during these times.

79. Reaffirm Company Goals

Remind the team of the overarching mission and how each person contributes to it. This helps to refocus energies and create a sense of purpose.

80. Acknowledge the Tough Times

Don't pretend it's business as usual. Acknowledging the difficulty of the situation respects the emotional state of your remaining employees.

81. Reassess Workloads

With fewer hands on deck, workloads may need redistributing. Make sure it’s done fairly to avoid further lowering morale.

82. Host Team-Building Activities

To help rebuild team chemistry, invest in team-building exercises. A unified team is better equipped to tackle challenges.

83. Involve Employees in Decision-making

Include staff in discussions on how to improve efficiency or streamline operations. It's empowering and boosts morale by giving them a stake in the future.

84. Offer Skill Development

The fear of more layoffs can be paralyzing. Offering training opportunities can boost confidence, making employees feel more valuable and secure.

85. Celebrate Small Wins

Positive reinforcement is critical during tough times. Celebrate the small victories to uplift spirits and keep everyone engaged.

86. Provide Flexible Working Options

Flexibility can ease the strain of increased workloads and help employees maintain a better work-life balance, improving overall morale.

87. Encourage Peer Recognition

Sometimes a pat on the back from a colleague can mean the world. Foster an environment where achievements, however small, are recognized by peers.

88. Reinforce Open Door Policy

Encourage employees to come forward with concerns or suggestions. An open line of communication can help alleviate uncertainty.

89. Monitor Work Hours

Be cautious of employees putting in excessive hours to pick up slack. This can lead to burnout and further damage morale.

90. Show Empathy and Compassion

Above all, be human. Your empathy and understanding during this difficult period can serve as a pillar of strength for your team.

Employee morale boosting resources:

employee morale resources books

91. "Drive" by Daniel H. Pink

This book dissects the psychology of motivation and how understanding it can lead to a more engaged workforce. A must-read for team leaders.

92. "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie

An oldie but goodie. Carnegie's timeless advice on human relations can help in creating a more positive work environment.

93. "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen Covey

Covey's principles are geared toward personal development, but they translate well into team dynamics and can significantly uplift employee morale.

94. "Radical Candor" by Kim Scott

Learn the art of giving feedback that is both honest and constructive, a skill that can improve relationships and morale.

95. "Dare to Lead" by Brené Brown

Brown explores the value of vulnerability and courage in leadership, qualities that can have a powerful impact on employee morale.

96. Podcast: "WorkLife with Adam Grant"

This podcast delves into various aspects of the work-life, offering fresh perspectives on how to make work not just tolerable, but enjoyable.

97. Podcast: "The Tim Ferriss Show"

Ferriss interviews top performers from various fields to decode excellence. While not directly about morale, the life and business tips can be applied to enhance workplace culture.

98. Podcast: "HBR IdeaCast"

From the reputable Harvard Business Review, this podcast offers a deep dive into management topics, including ways to improve employee engagement and morale.

99. Podcast: "The Tony Robbins Podcast"

Robbins discusses strategies for personal and professional success. His enthusiasm alone might be enough to boost your team's morale!

100. Podcast: "Manager Tools"

This one's for the managers looking for tactical advice on leading a team, with plenty of tips on fostering a positive workplace culture.

101. Bonus: "Mindset" by Carol S. Dweck

A look into the power of our beliefs, both conscious and unconscious, and their impact on almost every aspect of our lives—including work. It's a transformative read that can impact team morale.

There you have it—101 ways to boost employee morale in the workplace. From simple gestures to in-depth strategies, the power to improve your team's spirit lies with you.

Are you ready to level up your leadership game?


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