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66 Virtual Wellness Activities for Remote Employees' Wellness

It is more important than ever to ensure your employees' physical and mental health in the age of remote work. But how can you maintain wellness from a distance?

Here are 66 virtual activities, tailor-made for the digital realm, aimed at supporting your employees' well-being.

Remote employee wellness ideas:

1. Virtual Yoga Sessions

Encourage flexibility in both body and mind. Arrange weekly virtual yoga classes for relaxation and stretching. It's chill, right?

virtual yoga

2. Guided Meditation Online

Help your team destress and refocus. A 10-minute daily online guided meditation can work wonders. Peace out!

3. Online Cooking Classes

Let's get cooking! Offer virtual classes where they can learn healthy recipes. Tasty and wholesome.

4. Digital Book Club

Reading promotes mental stimulation. Start a virtual book club. Discuss, debate, and maybe even gossip a tad?

5. Virtual Fitness Challenges

Who says you can't sweat together? Set up monthly fitness challenges. Track, compete, and get those endorphins pumping.

6. Mindfulness Apps Subscriptions

Gift mindfulness app subscriptions. Calm, Headspace, or Insight Timer? They'll thank you, seriously.

7. Digital Mental Health Workshops

Host monthly webinars on topics like stress management or emotional intelligence. Let’s keep things real and balanced.

8. Virtual Creative Arts Therapy

A twist on the norm! Art can heal. Organize online painting or music sessions. Get messy or melodious.

9. Online Nutrition Seminars

Knowledge is power. Host seminars on nutrition and healthy habits. A bit of food for thought, yeah?

10. Virtual Coffee Breaks

Keep the camaraderie alive! Designate virtual coffee break hours. Casual chats to break the monotony. Everyone needs a brew-tiful break!

virtual coffee breaks

In addition to these virtual wellness activities, it's essential to consider our proactive approaches to mental health to ensure a holistic wellness strategy.

11. Digital Deskercise Routine

Stretch it out! Incorporate 5-minute desk exercises every few hours. Tiny moves, big relief. Who knew?

12. Virtual Escape Rooms

Problem-solving + fun? Yes, please! Team up and solve virtual escape rooms. Bonding in digital disguise.

13. Online Personal Growth Seminars

Empower their minds. Bring in speakers to discuss personal growth, self-care, or motivation. It’s brain-boosting time!

14. Virtual Hobby Share Sessions

Everyone’s got a hidden talent. Host sessions where employees showcase their hobbies. Knitting, bird-watching, salsa? Sweet!

15. Digital Gratitude Journals

Gratitude's the attitude. Encourage the use of digital journals. A moment to reflect and appreciate? Golden.

16. Virtual Trivia Quizzes

Light-hearted competition? Why not! Host weekly trivia sessions. Fun facts and friendly rivalries. Popcorn, anyone?

17. Online Group Music Jamming

Bring on the beats! Arrange sessions where employees can jam together. No judgments, just jingles.

18. Virtual Financial Wellness Webinars

Dollars and sense! Organize seminars on financial health and planning. Money matters, after all.

19. Digital Vision Board Workshops

Let them dream big. Organize sessions to create and share virtual vision boards. Goals, aspirations, and a touch of flair!

20. Virtual DIY Spa Days

Relaxation mode: On. Share DIY spa treatments and skincare routines. Let's pamper that skin, shall we?

Our virtual wellness activities complement strategies for implementing a character-strong curriculum, vital in both remote work and educational settings.

Remote employee wellness activities:

Virtual wellness activities support employees' well-being, aligning with proactive approaches to mental health in the workplace.

21. Online Gardening Workshops

Green thumbs up! Share tips on home gardening or plant care. Nature inside and out.

22. Virtual Storytelling Sessions

Everyone’s got a story. Create a platform for sharing personal stories or fictional tales. Grab a cuppa and listen in.

23. Digital Affirmation Sharing

Positivity pump! Start days with shared motivational quotes or affirmations. A dose of good vibes, coming right up!

24. Virtual Movie Nights

Chill, chat, and cinema. Pick a movie and watch it together. Don’t forget the popcorn (and maybe tissues?).

25. Online Laughing Yoga Sessions

Laughter: the best medicine. Arrange sessions to just laugh out loud. Sounds silly, feels fantastic.

26. Virtual Cultural Exchange Days

Diversity is a strength, not just a buzzword. Arrange days where team members present their cultural backgrounds, traditions, and festivities. It’s a beautiful way to learn, understand, and celebrate the melting pot that is your remote team. Plus, it might just introduce you to a new dish or dance!

27. Online Skill Swap Sessions

Every employee has a unique skill set, some of which are hidden gems. Set up a platform where employees can offer to teach a skill and in return learn one. From crafting to coding, there's so much knowledge to exchange, and it’s a fab way to foster connections.

28. Virtual Outdoor Challenges

Nature rejuvenates. Challenge your team to outdoor activities - maybe a walk, a hike, or just capturing sunrise photos. Encouraging them to step outside, breathe fresh air, and experience nature’s wonders is not just a break but a boost for mental well-being.

29. Digital DIY Craft Workshops

Creativity can be a perfect antidote to stress. Organize crafting sessions where employees can make simple DIY projects from materials they have at home. It's therapeutic, fun, and hey, who doesn’t love a new homemade desk accessory?

30. Virtual Team Travelogues

Travel might be limited, but memories aren’t! Have team members share their past travel experiences, pictures, and stories. It's a refreshing break from work talk, offers a mental escape, and might just populate your bucket list!

31. Online Sustainability Seminars

Sustainability isn't just trendy; it's crucial. Host seminars on sustainable living, covering topics like reducing waste or energy conservation. When employees feel they're making positive changes in their personal lives, it spills over into their work lives too.

32. Virtual Pet Show-and-Tell

Pets are unsung heroes of the remote work world. Create sessions where team members can introduce their furry (or feathery or scaly) pals. It's a delightful, light-hearted break, and let's be honest: everyone loves a cute pet moment.

33. Digital Home Office Tours

Spaces influence productivity. Allow team members to give a virtual tour of their home office setups. It provides insights into their work environment, sparks ideas for others, and adds a personal touch to the remote workspace.

34. Virtual Cooking Challenges

Stir up some competition! Set a theme or ingredient and challenge your team to cook up dishes. Sharing recipes, photos, and maybe a few culinary misadventures make for delicious team bonding.

35. Online Positivity Peer Awards

Recognition goes a long way. Initiate a peer recognition system where team members acknowledge and appreciate each other's positive deeds or qualities. It fosters a culture of gratitude, and a little appreciation, as they say, goes a long way.

36. Virtual Board Game Nights

Board games aren’t just for physical spaces. Dive into the digital world of classic games like Monopoly or Settlers of Catan. It's an evening of strategic fun, camaraderie, and a bit of healthy competition. Plus, who doesn't love a good game night?

37. Online Plant-Care Workshops

Plants breathe life into spaces. Host sessions on plant care, propagation, or even terrarium making. Not only do plants improve air quality, but nurturing them can also be incredibly therapeutic. Green spaces, happier faces!

38. Virtual Guided Journaling Sessions

Reflection fosters growth. Organize structured journaling workshops, allowing team members to reflect on personal and professional milestones. Guided prompts can lead to profound introspection, setting a positive tone for future endeavors.

39. Digital World Culture Seminars

The world is vast and diverse. Schedule seminars spotlighting different countries, exploring their traditions, history, and cultural nuances. It broadens horizons, fosters global understanding, and satisfies the travel bug, at least a little bit.

40. Virtual Riddle and Puzzle Breaks

Engage those gray cells! Incorporate short breaks where teams solve riddles or puzzles. It’s a cognitive boost, sparks creativity, and trust us, the satisfaction of cracking a tricky puzzle? Absolutely golden.

41. Online DIY Home Gym Workshops

Physical wellness is foundational. Arrange workshops where employees can learn to set up home gyms using household items. Flexibility, strength, and fitness don’t necessarily need fancy equipment – sometimes, a water bottle or a chair is enough.

home office gym

42. Virtual Heritage Sharing Sessions

Every family has a story. Allow team members to delve into their family histories, sharing ancestral tales and traditions. It's a heartwarming way to understand diverse backgrounds and strengthens the fabric of team connection.

43. Digital Mind Map Workshops

Clarity leads to productivity. Organize sessions teaching the art of mind mapping. It’s an invaluable tool for organizing thoughts, brainstorming, or planning projects. Plus, seeing ideas laid out visually? Pure satisfaction.

44. Virtual Landscape Painting Sessions

Unleash the inner artist. Host painting sessions where the team paints landscapes, whether from memory, pictures, or imagination. The process is meditative, and the results, no matter how varied, are always a joy to behold.

45. Online Work-From-Home Ergonomics Seminar

Healthy posture, happier employee. Conduct seminars on ergonomics, teaching the team to set up spaces that support their physical health. After all, a comfortable workspace is a productive workspace.

46. Virtual Guest Speaker Series

Broaden horizons with fresh perspectives. Invite guest speakers from various fields – from mindfulness experts to astronaut scientists. It’s an exciting way for teams to learn, get inspired, and break the monotony of the daily grind.

47. Digital Origami Workshops

Crafting calm with paper. Dive into the peaceful world of origami, teaching employees the art of paper folding. Beyond creating beautiful objects, it's a great exercise in patience and precision. Plus, that sense of accomplishment with every fold!

48. Virtual Philanthropy Days

Give back, even from afar. Organize events where the team collaborates on charitable endeavors, from virtual fundraisers to online charity auctions. There’s immense joy in coming together for a greater cause.

49. Online Cross-Team Mixers

Bridge departments with fun. Organize mixers where employees from different teams interact, maybe over trivia or a shared activity. It's a fantastic way to foster cross-team collaboration and get to know the faces behind those email signatures.

50. Virtual DIY Beauty and Self-Care Workshops

Radiate from the inside out. Host workshops on creating homemade beauty masks, scrubs, or relaxation techniques. A moment of pampering can rejuvenate the spirit, and who wouldn’t love a spa day at home?

51. Digital Brain-Training Challenges

Keep those neurons nimble! Introduce apps or platforms that offer brain-training games and puzzles. Boost cognitive abilities, improve memory, and sprinkle in some friendly competition as teams compare scores.

52. Virtual Outdoor Meditation Sessions

Serenity under the sky. Encourage employees to meditate outdoors – be it in their garden, a balcony, or a park. The combination of meditation and nature’s touch is sheer bliss for mental wellness.

53. Digital Personal Finance Seminars

Empower monetary mastery. Invite financial experts to conduct webinars on budgeting, saving, and investing. Because financial well-being is as crucial as physical or mental health.

54. Virtual Culinary Culture Exchanges

A gastronomic globe trot. Have team members share recipes from their culture or region, complete with cooking demonstrations. Not only does it celebrate diversity, but everyone gets to add a new dish to their culinary repertoire!

55. Online Sleep Hygiene Workshops

Restful nights for productive days. Organize sessions on sleep hygiene, highlighting the importance of quality sleep and offering tips for better slumber. Because a well-rested employee is a game-changer.

56. Virtual International Film Festival

A cinematic journey across borders. Curate a list of internationally acclaimed films, representing diverse cultures and languages. Over a month, teams can watch and later discuss themes, characters, and cinematography. It's more than entertainment; it's an exercise in cultural empathy and appreciation.

57. Digital Mood Board Creations

Visually articulating aspirations and moods. Organize workshops on creating digital mood boards using tools like Pinterest or Canva. Beyond being a fun, creative activity, mood boards can aid in project planning, goal-setting, or simply capturing one’s ever-evolving aesthetic tastes.

58. Virtual Astronomy Nights

Gazing beyond our world. Collaborate with astronomy enthusiasts or organizations to organize stargazing sessions. Teams can gather in their respective locations, guided by an expert on where to look and what to expect. The vast cosmos offers a humbling perspective, reminding everyone of the bigger picture.

59. Online Watercooler Chat Rooms

Spontaneity in structured digital realms. Set up open virtual chat rooms, mimicking the serendipitous chats by the office watercooler. Employees can hop in for informal chats, share a joke, or discuss last night's game, fostering organic bonding moments.

60. Virtual Personal Branding Seminars

Empowering individual growth. Engage experts to guide employees on building their personal brand, whether it’s for career progression, personal projects, or entrepreneurial pursuits. When employees grow personally, they bring newfound confidence and skills to the team.

61. Digital Group Puzzling Challenges

A collective problem-solving adventure. Source intricate, collaborative online puzzles. As teams come together to solve them, it hones their collaborative skills, patience, and offers a shared sense of accomplishment upon completion.

62. Virtual Exploration of World Museums

Historical and artistic wonders at your fingertips. Many global museums offer virtual tours. Schedule shared exploration sessions, diving deep into art, history, or science. Each visit is not just enlightening but sparks conversations and connections among the team.

63. Online DIY Musical Instrument Workshops

Discovering rhythms within and around. Organize sessions where employees can craft simple musical instruments from household items, followed by a collective jamming session. The process is therapeutic, and the resultant symphony, though eclectic, is bound to be memorable.

64. Virtual Health and Posture Checks

Prioritizing physical well-being. Collaborate with physiotherapists or ergonomics experts to offer personalized consultations. Ensuring that employees maintain healthy postures and habits is integral, especially when working remotely, devoid of the conventional office setup.

65. Digital Pet Therapy Sessions

The therapeutic charm of our furry friends. Engage pet therapy organizations to host virtual sessions. Interacting with animals, even digitally, can reduce stress, elevate moods, and offer a heartwarming break from the usual work routine.

66. Virtual Vision and Goal Setting Workshops

Crafting collective futures. As years or quarters wrap up, hold workshops to reflect on achievements and chart out future visions. When employees contribute to goal-setting, they feel more invested and aligned, propelling the team towards shared successes.

The realm of virtual wellness for remote teams, as we've explored, is vast and vibrant. From cultural immersions to individual growth, from creative expressions to collective endeavors, the digital world offers boundless opportunities to ensure holistic well-being. As leaders and HR professionals, the task is to weave these activities seamlessly into the work fabric, making wellness not an afterthought but an integral part of the remote work ethos. Cheers to healthier, happier, and more connected teams, no matter where they log in from!


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