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100 Tools & Techniques for Enhancing Employee Productivity

No fluff, just facts. You're here because you want your team to do more and be more, without burning out. Whether you're a business owner, a team leader, or an HR manager, we've got a hefty list of 100 amazing tools and techniques to turn that productivity dial up to eleven.

Let's dive in.

Employee productivity tools:

employee productivity techniques

1. Time Tracking: Toggl

Don't guess where time goes; measure it. Toggl gives you insights into how much time is spent on tasks. It's a game changer for accountability and project planning.

2. Morning Huddle

Kickstart the day with a quick 15-minute meeting. Highlight goals, tackle issues, and set the energy level high. It’s like a shot of espresso for your team’s workflow.

3. Pomodoro Technique

Work in bursts. Set a timer for 25 minutes of focused work followed by a 5-minute break. Rinse and repeat. Keeps the mind fresh and the to-do list shrinking.

4. Office Ergonomics: Herman Miller Chairs

Uncomfortable chairs are productivity's arch-nemesis. Invest in good office furniture like Herman Miller chairs. Your team's back (and focus) will thank you.

5. Employee Training: LinkedIn Learning

Want to help your employees grow but tight on time? LinkedIn Learning offers thousands of courses. Knowledgeable staff are productive staff, period.

6. Agile Framework: Scrum

Ditch the sluggish traditional work model. Adopt Scrum for better collaboration and quicker delivery. Say hello to iterative progress and goodbye to project lags.

7. Email Management: SaneBox

Inbox overflowing? SaneBox filters out the noise and prioritizes important emails. Imagine a world where email becomes an asset, not a time-suck. Mind-blowing, right?

8. Goal Setting: OKRs

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) keep everyone on track. Simple but powerful. It’s like GPS for your business strategy, without the annoying recalculating route voice.

9. Virtual Whiteboard: Miro

Brainstorming doesn't have to be a chaotic mess. Miro helps you visually organize ideas. It’s like having a whiteboard that’s as big as your team's imagination.

10. Remote Team Building: Donut Slack App

Remote work is here to stay. Keep the team connected with Donut, a Slack app that pairs team members for casual conversations. It’s networking, without the cringe.

11. Task Management: Trello

Turn to-do lists into done lists with Trello. This user-friendly tool utilizes boards, lists, and cards to make task management a walk in the park.

12. One-on-One Meetings: 15Five

One-on-ones shouldn’t be a drag. Use 15Five to make these meetings constructive and meaningful. Who knew feedback could actually be, dare I say, enjoyable?

13. File Sharing: Dropbox

File management shouldn't feel like herding cats. Dropbox lets you store, share, and collaborate on files seamlessly. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

14. Prioritization: Todoist

Juggling too many tasks? Use Todoist to set priorities and due dates. Think of it as your pocket-sized project manager.

15. Centralized Workspace: Google Workspace

Say adios to a messy workspace. Google Workspace consolidates email, calendar, drive, and more. It’s the Swiss Army knife of productivity tools.

16. Time Management: Time Doctor

When it's crunch time, every second counts. Time Doctor lets you track not just time spent, but how well it’s spent. It’s the guardian angel of your workday.

17. Document Collaboration: Google Drive

Sayonara, email attachments. With Google Drive, collaborate on docs in real-time. It's teamwork, minus the back-and-forth headache.

18. Remote Monitoring: ActivTrak

Trust is good, verification is better. ActivTrak helps you understand how your remote team is spending their time, without being invasive.

19. Video Conferencing: Zoom

Virtual face-to-face matters. Zoom makes it hassle-free. Goodbye technical difficulties, hello smooth conversations.

20. Multi-Tasking: Asana

Why just task manage when you can be a taskmaster? Asana lets you manage multiple projects effortlessly. It’s like having a second brain.

21. Expense Tracking: Harvest

Manage work, not spreadsheets. Harvest helps you keep tabs on project expenses, making budget overruns a thing of the past.

22. Instant Messaging: Microsoft Teams

Cut the clutter, not the chat. Microsoft Teams integrates conversations, video calls, and file sharing. It’s a one-stop-shop for team chatter.

23. Scheduling: Calendly Mobile

Never say “When are you free?” again. Calendly lets others book meetings during your available slots. It’s your personal scheduler, minus the salary.

24. Workflow Automation: Zapier

Do you like tedious tasks? Neither do we. Zapier automates them. It’s like hiring a robot assistant that doesn’t need lunch breaks.

25. All-in-One Management: Basecamp

When you’ve got your fingers in many pies, you need Basecamp. It combines chat, task assignments, and file storage. Talk about a triple threat.

26. Note-Taking: Evernote

If your desk is covered in Post-its, you need Evernote. Capture and organize ideas digitally. It’s your second brain, accessible everywhere.

27. Work Diaries: DeskTime

Ever end your day wondering where the time went? DeskTime shows you, literally. Think of it as your day in a pie chart, but less “pie in the sky.”

28. Visual Database: Airtable

Excel is cool, but Airtable is cooler. Organize work your way, whether you’re into grids, calendars, or Kanban boards.

29. Agile + Note-Taking: Notion

Want a note-taking app that’s also a productivity powerhouse? Meet Notion. It’s the Batman utility belt of workspace tools.

30. Online Proofing: ProofHub

Too many cooks spoil the project? Not with ProofHub. Streamline the review process with marked-up docs and threaded comments.

31. Beating Procrastination: Focus@Will

Does the siren call of procrastination lure your team? Focus@Will offers music designed to boost concentration. It's like a focus potion for your ears.

32. Stress Management: Headspace

Stress kills productivity. Headspace offers guided meditation to help your team chill out and zero in. Think of it as a mental gym membership.

33. Mind-Mapping: XMind

Got a tangle of ideas? XMind lets you create mind maps to streamline your team's thoughts. It's brainstorming without the storm.

34. Automate Repetitive Tasks: IFTTT

"If This Then That" lets you automate mundane tasks. Turn your smart office into a productivity paradise without lifting more than a finger.

35. Digital Distraction: Freedom

The internet is a double-edged sword. Use Freedom to block distracting websites during work hours. It’s the bouncer to your team's mental nightclub.

36. Burnout Buster: RescueTime

Burnout is a productivity killer. RescueTime helps by analyzing daily habits and suggesting smarter ways to work. It’s the sage mentor of software tools.

37. CRM: Salesforce

Keep your customer data organized with Salesforce. When the sales team is efficient, everyone else falls in line. Period.

38. Time-Blocking: Clockwise

Switch from reactive to proactive with Clockwise. It rearranges your Google Calendar to create blocks of focused work time. Less chaos, more doing.

39. Habit Tracking: Habitica

Turn habit-building into a game with Habitica. Your team can “level up” by maintaining good habits. Who knew adulting could be fun?

40. Task Delegation: ClickUp

Stop the "Who's doing what?" merry-go-round. ClickUp lets you assign tasks easily so everyone knows their role. Less confusion, more action.

41. Team Analytics: Pluralsight Flow

Looking for a talent audit? Pluralsight Flow uncovers your team’s strengths and weaknesses via data analysis. It’s like a health check-up for your projects.

42. E-Signatures: DocuSign

Still printing, signing, and scanning documents? Go digital with DocuSign. It’s the future, and your pen is so last decade.

43. Password Management: LastPass

Stop password panic. LastPass securely stores login details. A fortified fortress of credentials, accessible with just one master key.

44. Social Media Management: Hootsuite

Social media can be a time sink. Manage multiple platforms with Hootsuite. It’s like having a social media butler, but less fancy.

45. Video Training: Loom

Stop typing essays for instructions. Use Loom to create quick video guides. It’s a “how-to” without the hassle.

46. Virtual Office: Sococo

Miss the buzz of an office? Sococo mimics a physical workspace online. It’s the closest thing to teleportation we’ve got.

47. Multitasking Mastery: Quire

Some people wear multiple hats; your team wears a whole hat store. Quire helps manage multiple tasks without losing sight of the big picture.

48. Employee Recognition: Bonusly

A little praise goes a long way. Use Bonusly for peer-to-peer recognition. It’s a pat on the back, but digital.

49. File Backup: Backblaze

Data loss can torpedo productivity. Backblaze automatically backs up files. It’s like a safety net for your data.

50. Customer Support: Zendesk

A cluttered customer support system? Not on your watch. Zendesk helps streamline customer service. Happy customers, happy life.

Tools to measure employee productivity:

tools to measure employee productivity

51. Advanced Time-Tracking: Clockify

Clockify isn't just a time tracker; it's an analytics dashboard. Measure productivity down to the last click. It's like a microscope for work habits.

52. Screen Monitoring: Workpuls

For teams where a high level of accountability is required, Workpuls captures screen activity. Intrusive? Maybe. Effective? Absolutely.

53. Automated Reporting: Jira

Already using Jira for project management? Leverage its reporting features to measure performance metrics. It’s a twofer that’s hard to beat.

54. Employee Surveys: SurveyMonkey

Sometimes, the best way to measure productivity is simply to ask. Use SurveyMonkey to get anonymous feedback. Measure the pulse, then make a plan.

55. Task Analytics: Wrike

Beyond task management, Wrike offers deep analytics to measure individual and team productivity. Data talks, and in this case, it’s saying, "Work smarter."

56. Advanced Workflow Analytics: Pipedrive

Sales team slacking? Pipedrive gives you detailed analytics on sales processes. It's a reality check with actionable insights.

57. Performance Reviews: Talentsoft

Make performance reviews data-driven with Talentsoft. It turns those yearly sit-downs into a strategic meeting of minds.

58. User Activity Monitoring: Teramind

Teramind helps you keep an eye on user activity without being Big Brother. Think of it as gentle oversight that keeps the ship sailing smoothly.

59. Real-Time Dashboard: Smartsheet

Why wait for an end-of-week report? Smartsheet offers real-time dashboards. Instant insights, just like your morning coffee.

60. Issue Tracking: Redmine

Catch productivity roadblocks before they become mountains. Redmine lets you track issues that slow down workflow. It’s your early warning system.

Employee productivity techniques:

61. The Pomodoro Technique

Need to chunk down an overwhelming day? The Pomodoro Technique splits work into 25-minute intervals with short breaks in between. It's work-life balance in bite-sized pieces.

62. Time Blocking

Map out your day hour by hour. It’s like GPS for your to-do list. Suddenly, "I don't have time" becomes a bad excuse.

63. Eisenhower Matrix

What's urgent isn't always important. The Eisenhower Matrix helps categorize tasks, so your team focuses on what truly matters.

64. Two-Minute Rule

If it takes less than two minutes, do it now. This technique tackles the small tasks that can otherwise snowball.

65. Daily Stand-Up Meetings

Speedy and focused, daily stand-up meetings keep everyone aligned. Fifteen minutes or less, and you’re all set for the day.

66. Batch Processing

Similar tasks? Do them all in one go. Batch processing reduces context-switching and ups efficiency. It’s like meal prepping, but for work.

67. Mindfulness Meditation

A little zen goes a long way. Mindfulness helps employees focus and reduces stress. Inner peace, meet productivity.

68. Eat The Frog

Tackle the hardest task first, and the day gets easier. It’s mental momentum at its best.

69. The Kanban Method

Visualize workflow stages with Kanban boards. It’s like watching your projects cross the finish line in real-time.

70. SWOT Analysis

Know your team's Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. SWOT Analysis makes improvement tactical, not just hopeful.

71. Single-Tasking

Multitasking is a myth. Single-tasking is where true productivity lies. It’s about depth, not just surface skimming.

72. Zero Inbox

Inbox clutter equals mind clutter. Aim for zero unread emails by the day's end. Easier said than done, but oh so satisfying.

73. The Seinfeld Strategy

Consistency breeds excellence. Mark an "X" on the calendar every day you stick to good habits. Don't break the chain.

74. The 5-Second Rule

Procrastination meets your nemesis: the 5-second countdown. Decide in 5 seconds or less to tackle a task and just go for it.

75. Peer Accountability

Commit your tasks to a co-worker. The fear of letting someone down can be a powerful motivator. Social pressure, put to good use.

76. ABCDE Method

Prioritize tasks by labeling them A, B, C, D, or E based on their importance. No more getting stuck on what to do next.

77. Silent Hours

Designate “silent hours” where employees can work without interruption. It’s like turning the office into a library, but you get to talk...later.

78. Gratitude Journaling

Start meetings with a gratitude moment. A positive mindset can increase productivity and overall job satisfaction. Good vibes only.

79. The 2-Week Sprint

Break projects into 2-week sprints. Shorter timelines create urgency without the burnout. It’s a marathon, but with sprints.

80. Use The 80/20 Rule

Focus on the 20% of tasks that yield 80% of results. This Pareto Principle helps prioritize what truly moves the needle.

81. One-on-One Meetings

Managers schedule regular one-on-ones with team members. It's your chance to remove roadblocks and fine-tune individual focus. Who wouldn't want that?

82. SMART Goals

Set Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound goals. It’s not just an acronym; it’s a blueprint for success.

83. Manager’s Dashboard: Tableau

Take data-driven decisions up a notch. Tableau creates visually intuitive dashboards that can track team performance. Your new command center awaits.

84. Radical Candor

No sugarcoating. Radical candor means giving honest, constructive feedback. It's like ripping off a Band-Aid—quick and for the better.

85. Conflict Resolution: Crucial Conversations

Tackle tough conversations head-on. The Crucial Conversations technique helps resolve conflicts without burning bridges. Peace treaty, signed and sealed.

86. Team Building:

Build team collaboration effortlessly. isn’t just another project management tool; it’s also a collaboration powerhouse. Feel the synergy?

87. Incentive Programs

Reward excellence to motivate performance. Tailor incentives to individual likes, because not everyone’s excited by a "Best Employee" mug.

88. Workflow Automation: Zapier

Managers, meet your new assistant. Zapier connects your favorite apps to automate repetitive tasks. Delegation 2.0.

89. OKRs: Objectives and Key Results

Track progress and create alignment with OKRs. It’s a compass and a ruler all in one, guiding you to your true north.

90. Skip-Level Meetings

Ever played Telephone as a kid? Skip-level meetings eliminate the middleman for clearer communication. No more whispers, just straightforward talk.

91. Peer Reviews: 15Five

Sometimes colleagues see us more clearly than we do. Use 15Five for peer reviews and unearth fresh insights into team dynamics.

92. Open-Door Policy

Keep the lines of communication always open. An open-door policy means questions and concerns get addressed ASAP. Real-time troubleshooting, anyone?

93. Reverse Mentoring

Learning is a two-way street. New hires can teach veterans a thing or two about new technologies and trends. Swap roles, gain wisdom.

94. Agile Management

Be flexible, be nimble, be agile. Agile Management adapts to changes swiftly, keeping your team on its toes but never off balance.

95. Time-Sensitive Communication: Slack

Need a quick answer? Slack offers instant messaging for teams. It's like the office watercooler, but without the awkward small talk.

96. Employee Recognition: Bonusly

Reward standout performances in real-time with Bonusly. It’s peer recognition, gamified. Points can be redeemed for actual goodies. Talk about instant gratification!

97. Customizable Awards: Kudos

Why settle for generic rewards? Kudos lets you customize awards to fit your team’s culture. It's employee recognition with a personal touch.

98. Virtual High-Fives: HeyTaco!

Sometimes a simple pat on the back, or in this case, a taco emoji, can make someone’s day. HeyTaco! integrates with Slack to bring fun and recognition into daily work.

99. Public Shoutouts: 15Five

Use 15Five to publicly celebrate wins during team meetings. Recognition in front of peers can sometimes be the best reward.

100. Anniversary Milestones: Fond

Don’t let anniversaries go unnoticed. Fond tracks work anniversaries and automates rewards, making every year count.

So there you have it—a comprehensive roundup of 100 tools and techniques aimed at skyrocketing employee productivity. From project management tools to stress-busting techniques, from analytics dashboards for the data-hungry to personalized rewards that shout “You’re awesome!”, the avenues for boosting productivity are as varied as they are effective. Ready to roll up those sleeves and dig in?

Your team’s future productivity could hinge on the choices you make today.


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