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Elevating the Game: Fun and Effective Drills for Lacrosse Teams

fun lacrosse games

Lacrosse, a game of speed, strategy, and skill, demands not only physical prowess but also a sharp mind and excellent teamwork. The key to unlocking a team's full potential lies in the practice drills that form the core of every training session. This guide focuses on creating a training environment that is both fun and effective, ensuring players are constantly learning, improving, and, most importantly, enjoying the game. Here, we dive into drills and games that elevate the skills of lacrosse players at every level, making every practice count towards mastering the game.

Laying the Groundwork: Lacrosse Basics

Before delving into the more complex aspects of lacrosse, it's crucial to establish a strong foundation in the basics. Fundamental skills such as cradling, passing, catching, shooting, and defensive positioning are the building blocks upon which all advanced techniques are built. For beginners, mastering these basics is essential for their development and confidence on the field.

Structuring lacrosse lessons for beginners involves breaking down these fundamental skills into manageable, easy-to-understand components. Starting with simple exercises like stationary passing and catching, beginners can gradually progress to more dynamic drills involving movement and game-like scenarios. Emphasising the correct form and technique early on is crucial, as it sets the stage for more advanced skills and strategies.

The key to successful beginner lessons is patience and repetition. While these drills may seem basic, they are essential for ingraining the muscle memory and hand-eye coordination necessary for lacrosse. Beginners should be encouraged to practise these skills both during team practices and in their own time to build their proficiency.

Fun Lacrosse Drills

Incorporating fun into lacrosse drills is an effective way to keep players engaged and motivated. When players enjoy their training, they are more likely to be attentive, put in extra effort, and retain the skills being taught. Fun drills can also foster a positive team environment, making practices something players look forward to.

Innovative drills that incorporate elements of play and competition can make skill development enjoyable. For example, 'Sharks and Minnows' is a popular drill that improves dodging and defensive skills. In this game, one or two players are designated as 'sharks' trying to tag the 'minnows,' who must use their dodging skills to avoid being tagged.

Another fun drill is the 'Ground Ball Relay Race.' Players are divided into teams, and each team must scoop up ground balls and race to a designated point before passing to the next player. This drill not only improves ground ball skills but also adds an element of competition that drives players to perform at their best.

Balancing fun and skill development is key to effective lacrosse practices. While it's important to keep drills enjoyable, coaches should ensure that each activity has a clear purpose and contributes to skill improvement. For instance, incorporating a scoring system or time limit can add a competitive edge to drills, pushing players to apply their skills under pressure.

Fun drills should also be varied to cover different aspects of the game. This variety keeps practices fresh and challenges players to develop a well-rounded skill set. For example, incorporating shooting drills, defensive positioning games, and passing exercises in a single session can provide a comprehensive skill workout while keeping players engaged.

Fun Lacrosse Games

Transitioning from drills to games during practice sessions adds an element of real-game intensity and excitement. Fun lacrosse games are essential for applying skills in a more dynamic and less structured environment, simulating actual game scenarios. 

Integrating games into practice for enhanced learning involves creating scenarios that mirror in-game situations. This can include small-sided games, which focus on specific aspects of play such as offence or defence, in a more controlled yet competitive setting. These games provide an opportunity for players to implement the skills they've learned in drills and adapt them to game-like conditions.

Examples of lacrosse games that combine fun and skill-building are numerous. 'King of the Field' is a popular game where players compete to maintain possession and score in small groups, enhancing their stick-handling and shooting under pressure. Another game, '3v2 Keep Away,' helps players work on their passing accuracy and defensive positioning in a tight space, emphasising quick decision-making and teamwork.

Lacrosse Passing Drills

Passing is a fundamental skill in lacrosse, essential for maintaining possession and creating scoring opportunities. Lacrosse passing drills should focus on improving accuracy, speed, and the ability to pass under pressure.

Key drills to improve passing accuracy and speed can involve various exercises. Simple line drills, where players pass the ball down a line as quickly and accurately as possible, help enhance basic passing skills. For more advanced teams, incorporating moving targets or obstacles can simulate game-like conditions, requiring players to adjust their passes accordingly.

Progressive drills to enhance team coordination and passing skills are also crucial. These include drills like 'Passing on the Run,' which combines running with accurate passing, mimicking the pace and movement of an actual game. 'Box Passing,' where players pass the ball in a square formation while constantly moving, helps improve both passing accuracy and player movement.

Lacrosse Practice Plan

lacrosse practice plan

An effective lacrosse practice plan is essential for maximising the development of players and the team as a whole. It should be structured to cover various aspects of the game, from individual skills to team tactics, and should be adaptable to the team’s needs and progress.

Designing an effective practice plan for lacrosse teams involves considering the skill level of the players, the areas that need improvement, and the goals for the season. A well-balanced practice plan should include a warm-up, skill development drills, team strategy sessions, scrimmage time, and a cool-down period.

Incorporating a variety of drills and games for comprehensive skill development is key. This means balancing drills that focus on individual skills, like shooting and passing, with those that enhance team strategies, such as offensive plays or defensive formations. Including fun games and competitive scenarios can keep the energy high and encourage players to apply their skills in a game-like context.

Developing Defensive and Offensive Skills

Developing a well-rounded lacrosse team requires a focus on both offensive and defensive skills. Players need to be equipped with the techniques and strategies to excel in both aspects of the game.

Specific drills for sharpening defensive techniques might include '1v1 Ground Ball Battles,' where players compete to gain possession of a ground ball, improving their ability to win possession and defend under pressure. 'Defensive Slides' drills can help players learn how to effectively support their teammates and move quickly to counter offensive plays.

On the offensive side, drills to boost scoring abilities are equally important. These can include 'Shooting on the Run' exercises, which help players improve their accuracy and power while in motion. 'Pick and Roll' drills can enhance players' understanding of offensive strategies and their ability to create scoring opportunities.

By focusing on both defensive and offensive skills, coaches can ensure their team is well-prepared for the multifaceted nature of lacrosse. This balance is crucial for building a team that can adapt to any game situation and consistently perform at a high level.

Goalie Training: Specialised Drills

Goalkeepers in lacrosse play a pivotal role in the team's defence, and their training should be given special attention. Tailoring drills for goalkeeper skill enhancement is essential to ensure they are equipped to handle the diverse challenges they face in games.

Specialised goalie drills should focus on improving reaction time, positioning, and ball handling. Drills like 'Rapid Fire Saves,' where goalies face a succession of shots from various angles, help enhance their reflexes and decision-making under pressure. 'Arc Movement' drills can improve their footwork and positioning, essential for covering the goal effectively.

Balancing goalie training within team practices ensures that goalkeepers are integrated into the team's overall strategy. Involving goalies in team drills, such as clearing exercises and defensive communication drills, helps them sync with the team's defensive approach and understand their role within the larger team context.

Enhancing Teamwork and Communication

Teamwork and communication are critical for a successful lacrosse team. Drills focused on these aspects help build a cohesive unit where players understand and support each other's roles on the field.

Exercises that promote team dynamics and communication might include 'Ball Movement' drills, where the ball must be passed through every player before a shot is taken. This encourages players to communicate and work together, ensuring everyone is involved in the play.

Building a cohesive team through targeted practice exercises also involves scenarios that mimic game situations requiring teamwork, such as man-up or man-down drills. These drills teach players how to adapt their strategies and communicate effectively in various game scenarios, enhancing their ability to function as a unified team.


In the fast-paced and exciting world of lacrosse, skill development through fun and effective drills is key to a team's success. By incorporating a variety of drills and games that focus on individual skills, team dynamics, and specialised positions like goalkeeping, coaches can cultivate a well-rounded and cohesive team. So, lace up those cleats, grab your stick, and let's hit the field with these engaging drills and games. It's time to elevate your game and have fun while doing it!


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