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Please welcome Dailyhuman, the engagement software that’s taking people inward.

Solving the $1 trillion burnout epidemic - meet Dailyhuman, the latest addition to Softeq’s portfolio


New York, NY


Kim Bach and Josh Roenitz

The Problem:

According to Gallup, six in 10 Americans are burned out and not psychologically invested in their work, their school, or their organizations. Long-relied-on perks and strategies — from gifts to mandatory bonding activities to well-being surveys — aren’t cutting it. Employee and student burnout and turnover both continue to worsen, costing U.S. organizations over $1 trillion each year and inspiring a slew of negative mental and even physical health impacts.

Dailyhuman’s solution:

Trust is the cornerstone of team communication, innovation, and growth, creating a supportive and open environment where individuals freely express their thoughts and ideas. Trust is earned in small moments. It’s established through consistent, positive interactions and strengthened over time.

Discover how engagement software like Dailyhuman is pivotal in fostering connection within teams.

Dailyhuman productized a framework that major research universities and Fortune 100 companies developed over the past 20 years. Rather than focusing on external solutions and stopgaps, this framework takes participants inward to provide the sense of belonging people crave.

Using SMS and web apps, the software regularly matches participants who complete progressive, guided conversations. These interactions are backed by brain science and designed to stimulate the production of chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin to boost connection and strengthen trust.

As Dailyhuman takes people inward, see how such engagement technology can foster deeper connections in the workplace.

Origin story:

Kim Bach and Josh Roenitz met 25 years ago as undergrads at the University of Richmond. After college, Josh built work tech and health tech software, completing a successful exit as a founder. Kim spent two decades at leading financial services organizations, including ARS National, as VP of Human Resources, and Capital One, serving in various leadership roles for talent development. In 2022, they saw a generational gap in expectations in the workplace and joined forces to fix it. Workers expect more from employers, and companies need to meet those demands to stay competitive. Dailyhuman addresses this market need by helping employers provide the intangible benefits that workers really want: meaning and connection.

Why we’re betting on it:

From the burnout epidemic to the Great Resignation to quiet quitting, engagement has never been more crucial or more talked about. Organizations are scrambling to plug the holes in the boat without a solution that addresses the root cause. Dailyhuman harnesses science and technology to help organizations build relationships and develop a culture of trust in a simple, relevant, and meaningful way. As hiring and retention hurdles continue to make headlines, we believe Dailyhuman is positioned to address the burnout epidemic, providing a substantial benefit to both employers and schools.

Our take:

We first met the Dailyhuman team in the spring of 2022 when the company began the Softeq Venture Studio. Since then, we’ve watched as Josh and Kim have refined the product, achieved 90% monthly engagement, and secured a backlog of small, midsize, and enterprise customers in a variety of industries. With an ambitious vision, unshakable passion, deep experience, and long-term industry relationships, we know that Josh and Kim have the commitment, grit, and know-how to reinvent engagement and conquer the ever-increasing burnout and retention problems facing today’s employers and schools.

About Dailyhuman:

Dailyhuman is a New York City-based SaaS company that specializes in engagement software for workers and students. Organizations in the U.S. and Europe are using Dailyhuman to enhance their talent onboarding, mentor programming, and relationship building for in-person and hybrid-first teams. The company is pioneering a revolutionary new software category that accelerates trust, connection, and a sense of belonging in a manner that is far more personal, effortless, and scalable than ever before.


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