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Transform yourself and your world.

Our commitment is to help everyone gain a deeper understanding of themselves by leaning into their human capacities—embracing grit, storytelling, heart, and mindfulness. This builds a better understanding of others in all settings, ranging from work and school, to athletics and home life. We aim to empower individuals to find themselves, then their teams, and ultimately extend their influence to their communities and the entire world.

Our Humans

Kim Bach

Hello! I’m Kim, a mindset change expert with 25 years of experience in corporate learning and development. Throughout my career, I’ve tackled the tough problems that arise when people skip the essential inner work. I understand that practice and consistent feedback are crucial to unlocking our full potential. At Dailyhuman, I’m designing smart ways for AI to analyze human capabilities, using a blend of consistent practice and timely feedback to drive mindset changes.

Josh Roenitz

Hi, I’m Josh, and I’ve been a software entrepreneur for over two decades. My first successful exit came as a founder in a venture-backed startup where we created the first SaaS + wearable tech to measure kids’ physical activity. It was there that I discovered the power of measurement as a tool for motivation. That’s why, with Dailyhuman, we’ve woven analytics and measurement into the mindset practice, redefining how people learn and grow.

Amy Shuler
Chief of Staff

I dream of a world where we focus less on ourselves and more on how we can serve those around us.

Fred Townes
Head of Growth

My purpose is to create a better world for my children to grow up in.

Miguel Rodrigues
Product Development, Creative

When I think about my purpose in life, it is that every person on this planet gets to experience the warmth of unconditional love.

Andi Zampelli

I aim to help others understand the importance of being present and valuing their time.

Cássio Rúbio
Creative director

I strive to refine my inner values and strengthen my commitment to act on them, making them visible in my words and deeds.

Austin Harper
Operations, Creative

I see myself as a curious student of the world, always eager to learn more about others. A principle I try to lean on is being in the moment in every aspect of life.

Diogo Araujo
Full-stack engineer

My goal is to ensure that everyone enjoys everything they do, creating a world full of fun and laughter.

Dmitry Bokhan
AI / full-stack engineer

I hope to be remembered for contributing to a project larger than myself and for creating a platform that makes the world a better and kinder place to live.

Kiryl Shlemen
AI / full-stack engineer

My purpose is to learn as much as I can about what lies ahead for all humans.

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